Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2016, the sole professional expo covering the whole aquaculture industry chain, will be held on May 26-28, 2016 at Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. APA Expo 2016 will once more gather international aquaculture professionals to discuss global and regional market trends release the industry’s latest technology and promote trade activities. Its exhibits cover the whole industry chain of aquaculture.

Asia-Pacific region is the center of aquaculture industry in the world, and China’s aquaculture production takes up two-thirds of the world output in recent years. In 2013, global aquaculture production is 70.55 million tons, in which China produced 43.5 million tons, accounting for 61.6%. China is not only the largest producer and exporter, but also an important consuming and importing country of aquatic products in the world. According to the statistics in 2014, China’s aquatic import reached 4.3 million tons.

With world aquaculture industry focusing more on sustainability, Asia-Pacific region faces both opportunities and challenges. With the huge need for advanced aquaculture utilities, technology, and equipment, the annual APA Expo becomes the best platform to promote international trade, exchange and cooperation on aquaculture products, advanced equipment and technology, for the purpose of industry upgrading, and harmonious development of aquaculture and environment.

APA Expo Visions


This industry event provides a change for professional social networking and understanding the latest trend & industry development.


Exhibits cover the whole industry chain.


APA Expo focuses on efficient, environmentally friendly aquaculture and the healthy development of the industry.


APA Expo works on the utilization of latest technology & equipment on farming.

APA Conferences

Industry Gathering

The only aquaculture industry gathering in China, where you can meet major players.

Comprehensive Topics

12 conferences covering aquaculture industry overview, technology, feeds, species, processing, logistics, e-commerce, etc.

APA Expo 2015 Review

  • 105 exposants APA + 350 exposants de la pêche
  • 12.782 visiteurs
  • 14 Pays / Régions
  • 17 Conférences + Activités
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