The company LAAYOUNE PROTEIN is founded in 1994. Located in the industrial zone in LAAYOUNE Almarsa, MOROCCO.

Fort our experience, know-how, our modern equipment and our demand for quality raw material, LAAYOUNE PROTEIN offers a high quality meal and fish oil.
Our meals are 100% dried steamed with a protein content exceeding 65%.

The production of fish oil exceeds 40 tonnes per day, rich in Omega 3 and 4% maximum acidity. 90% of our products are destined mainly for export.

With a system of management of sophisticated food safety, the company LAAYOUNE PROTEIN is ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 22000 to meet all global requirements.

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Management commitments

The company LAAYOUNE PROTEIN, is committed to develop and support a quality assurance process, in compliance with national regulations and the rules of the HACCP method, to provide the necessary resources for the development and up management system and the safety of food commodities over the continuous improvement of its effectiveness to ensure the safety and product safety.
This quality approach allows us to better meet the needs and concerns of our customers and thus contribute to their development.

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Our mission

  • Producing and selling high quality products “oil and fish meal.”
  • Develop new products based on the needs of various customers, in parallel with the market demand and new production methods innovation.
  • Using raw materials from the sea in a sustainable manner, in cooperation with local authorities and organizations.